My name is Susana A, and I am proud to be running for the County Superior Court Position 1, the seat being vacated by retiring Judge Charles M.

It is my sincere hope that this website will serve as an introduction to my commitment to our community and my dedication to upholding the rule of law. Justice for all must always be our goal, and the rule of law and commitment to the community are essential tools for reaching that goal.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with and listen to my fellow County residents.

With that I promise change for the residents that I live with. I have heard all of those that have voiced their opinions on what is needed in the justice system.

My job is just that trying to represent the will of the people in the County. Trying to do right by what the community considers justice.

When I get in I promise to do just that and with that, that is the change that I promise to make for all those wanting a change.

Following is some of the experience that I bring to this position.

  • 13 years as a prosecutor
  • Litigated over 100 matters since is private practice
  • 4 years of civil, divorce, criminal, and law firms with commercial litigation financing 
  • committed to this position

I think that there are many issues facing the court system today. The Veterans treatment programs and the mental health programs are in need of reform. I also think that there needs to be a specialty court that oversees domestic violence. Another need is another specialty court that oversees drug issues. I know that this is a big ask and it will take many years to accomplish just this but it is needed. 

Another concern is the consolidation of many district courts to only a couple of district courts. We cannot afford to do this, as of right now there are not enough hours in the year to get through all of the court proceedings with the courts we have let alone consolidating all of them into only a couple of courts. 

These are only some of the issues that I want to start to work on. Once I am elected I will take this on and many other issues. I can only get there with your support. So please elect me in to this position so together we can make a difference today!