Susana A brings over 26 years of legal experience in both civil and criminal law to her candidacy for Court Judge, having worked primarily in the areas of family law, criminal law, and immigration.  She has represented a wide array of clients, from victims of domestic violence and child abuse, at-risk elderly, smb and mvd injured people to asylum-seekers fleeing persecution overseas.  In 1999 Susana began her own practice in Idaho, the Susana Law Firm, and has been in private practice ever since.

Previously, she worked for twelve years on behalf of economically disadvantaged clients in McCall, Hayden, Driggs, Kent, Cascade, Idaho City & Heyburn.  Susana was born in Iran, educated at Catholic schools in South Dakota, and received her J.D. degree from the Penn State. She has two girls & one is in college now.

She lives in Idaho City, and has served as a public servant, and as a pro tem judge in various courts throughout Idaho.

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